Our menus

At our Counter

Walking into the Tearooms you will be welcomed by the smell of freshly baked goods!  All of which available from our counter.
Daily we have a wide range of savoury items: freshly baked quiche selection, pastry rolls: Hog Roast Roll to Maple Roast Vegetable Roll and other savoury pastry options.

Freshly Baked Scones: our scones have got a nation wide reputation and we love baking them!  Traditional Fruit Scones and Savoury Wensleydale Cheese Scones are available daily.  Seasonal specials are also available: like our extremely popular Homegrown Rhubarb Scones.   Available as cream teas.

Home Baked sweet treats, with over 100 recipes we will always have something new to try!  From traditional flavours to new creations, we have built our reputation on home baking.  Cakes are baked by the Burdon family, cake flavours are some of the same we use for our award winning wedding cake business Where the Ribbon Ends.  

Free From Food: we have a range of free from gluten, free from dairy and vegan treats.  During our recovery from Covid we are limited by what we are able to serve.  We still offer our range of delicious free from cakes and scones, including our award winning raspberry and almond gluten and dairy free cake to free from gluten scones, sweet and savoury.  Vegan pastries and home baked vegan cakes.

We no longer offer a ‘lunch time menu’, we are concentrating on serving freshly baked and home baked savoury and sweet options all day.  Prefect after a walk or visit to the Abbey.  Meeting friends for a locally sourced delicious coffee and cake or cream tea.



Afternoon Tea Boxes

Afternoon Tea, available to pre order.  During Covid lockdowns we started offering afternoon tea boxes, they were so popular we decided to keep them!  Being boxed up you can take them to the Abbey, enjoy in our garden area or even take them back home to be enjoyed!

Afternoon Tea Box: fresh baked individual portion quiche, Wensleydale cheese scone with pot of pickle, Traditional Fruit scone with a pot of Rosebud Preseves jam and clotted cream, slice of our cake (flavours vary upon seasons) and a piece of our most popular sweet treat Belgian Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Slice.

Allergen Advice

We take the safety of our customers as highest priority, with this in mind we feel it of paramount importance to let all customers know our position on Allergens from within our kitchen.

If you or anyone receiving our products suffer with an allergy it is of the upmost importance that you/they recognise this statement.  This must be shared with anyone receiving our products.

Our kitchen contains all named allergens, these are present at all times.  Whilst we take every precaution to prevent cross contamination in our kitchen, we can not guarantee 100% FREE of any specific allergen.

Even though we use gluten free ingredients for our free from products and a separate area and tins for our free from products, we feel it’s important to highlight that our kitchen contains these allergens.

We also acknowledge that there are more allergies than the 14 named allergens, this is why we write a full ingredient list for every product.