Where the Ribbon Ends

Where the Ribbon Ends was started in 2012 by Gayle Burdon and in 2014 she brought the business home to Jervaulx. Within the Tearooms we have display cakes to spark imagination. Catering for all kinds of celebrations, birthdays, christenings, you name it, there will be a cake for it!

Walking past a cake shop in York, Gayle saw an evening class advertised and thought it would be a great hobby, but once she started, she couldn’t stop. Constantly searching for fresh ideas and practising, she was soon asked to create a wedding cake for a friend. From then on it became a full time hobby and has developed into a passion.

With years of experience, Weddings cake of all shapes and sizes have been achieved, take a look at Gayle's website for more photos.  

All the cakes are baked here at Jervaulx, from the traditional fruit cake to the more popular sponges, we have plenty of unusual ideas, especially our white chocolate and raspberry cake or banoffee cake!